Born 17.6. 1926 in Schiers, GR, Switzerland, deceased 22.2.2010 in Küsnacht ZH, Switzerland

Studies at the University of Zürich in Botany 1946 - 1955

College teacher in biology and chemistry at Basel 1956 – 1963 and at Küsnacht ZH from 1963 to 1991

Detailed studies on the Phytosociology of the Swiss Alpes
In parallel, various expeditions to study the phytosociology in cold climates and high altitudes:
- 1962 Swiss Karakorum Expedition
- 1970 Spitzbergen Expedition of the Geographical institute of the University of Zürich
- 1976 first expeditions to Ladakh to study the vegetation of the semidesert habitats in the Himalaya
Followed by five further expeditions in the years 1979, 1987, 1992, 1995 and 1997

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